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The entrance to the Maitai Valley Motor Camp.Enjoy the great out doors only five and a half minutes off Nile Street. Breath the fresh air. Let the Maitai River lull you to sleep at night.

Baydreams 2022 Update

During the Baydreams Festival (4-6 January 2022) we are adjusting our rates to pay for added security and facilities.
Two nights minimum stay.

  • $35 per person per night for two nights
  • $30 per person per night for three nights
  • Families please call us or email for family camping prices.
Important Notes:

The deadline to book for Baydreams is December 6th, 2021.

Deposit: The first night's stay required for each person when booking.

All pre-booked balance fees are to be paid by November 30th 2021. Any cancellations after this date will incur a $20 fee and will be processed after 6 January 2022.

Cancellation of Concert: If the concert is cancelled then all fees minus a booking fee of $20 per person will be refunded.

Welcome to the Maitai Valley Motor Camp!

A picture of the Maitai Valley Motor Camp.

Located just minutes from the city centre, we offer affordable camping in a bush-like setting with a variety of activities to suit your taste. Take a walk along the river, go mountain biking on the many trails in the surrounding hills, or take a dip in the nearby swimming hole.

For only $10 per person (non-powered), you can use our kitchen/toilets while camping under the stars amongst the beautiful native trees. Nature at its best.

So come, relax, and enjoy all that the Maitai has to offer!

*The Maitai Valley Motor Camp also makes a great base for exploring Nelson City. Check out our Activities page for more info.

Fun fact: The name 'Maitai' is known to Maori as Maitahi, referring to the black pine said to have previously grown on the banks of the river.